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Designed, developed and presented by our own instructors, these high intensity, high energy, interval workouts will take you further on your fitness journey. No cookie cutter classes here!

Exciting classes

Evolution, Yoga Tune Up, Vinyasa Flow, Pilates with Attitude, Strength & TRX, Pound, Spin, Step & Weights, HIIT & MORE!!


Our classes are designed to be suitable for ALL fitness levels with top-notch instruction that is second to none. Private sessions are available for special interest groups and teams. Try a class today!

in studio, online and outdoor classes


20 20 20 | SVAC Classes

Join your certified leader for the trifecta of fitness fun with 20 minutes of cardio, 20 minutes of strength training, and 20 minutes of stretching. Get your heart rate pumping, tone your entire body, and reduce muscle soreness with a solid stretching routine – everything you need, all in one workout.  

Suitable for all fitness levels. Available In Studio, Online and Outdoors.

Abs Blast | SVAC Classes

Rock your core, blast your center and feel the abdominals, obliques and multifidus (low back muscles) strengthen with your dynamic certified leader. We integrate functional stability and core crushers with strength to have you BLAST the core.

Aerial Yoga | SVAC Classes
Aerial Yoga

Take flight with this out-of-the-box, off-the-ground yoga practice in the QueenAx Suspension Studio. Your aerial certified yoga instructor will safely guide you through this Instagram-worthy program to stretch, strengthen, and relieve your muscles. 

Please bring a yoga mat from home – we do not currently loan mats. Available In Studio. 

Barre | SVAC Classes

Inspired by pilates and ballet, this low-impact, muscle-sculpting class brings the fun as we move to the beat and strengthen our bodies. Using hand weights, resistance bands, bender balls, and more, we focus on core strength and isometric holds for a full-body workout. Available online and in studio. Don’t have this equipment at home? No worries! Use what you have, such as soup cans, milk cartons filled with water, or anything else that helps you to feel the burn. Please feel free to stop by the club and pick up an SVAC mini band. 

Available In Studio, Online and Outdoors.

Beginner Bootcamp | SVAC Classes
Beginner Bootcamp

Have you taken a break from your fitness routine because of pandemic restrictions? Are you starting from scratch? Do you feel intimidated taking group fitness classes? The signature SVAC Beginner Bootcamp might be the perfect class for you! Our beginner programs welcome all fitness levels, with modifications provided by our certified leaders for each and every exercise. 

Please bring a yoga mat from home – we do not currently loan mats. Please also check your email one hour before class as we send class updates, depending on weather. Available Outdoors.

Bootcamp | SVAC Classes

Be prepared to work with your body weight. Take your fitness to the next level with a full body bootcamp, led by certified instructors that will challenge you, excite you, and leave you feeling energized! This full body favourite is also a part of our Field Trip Program, taking your workout throughout St. Albert and Edmonton. 

Please bring your own yoga mat from home, a water bottle, and dress for the outdoors. We recommend checking your email one hour before class as we send updates regarding potential cancellations due to inclement weather. Available In Studio, Online and Outdoors. 

Danceletics | SVAC Classes
Build Your Booty

Time to work on your strength in your lower body. We are pleased to have Certified Personal Trainers help you learn all the best exercises for your lower booty, oops we mean body! Build and Sculpt with Strength Training.

Available In Studio

Beginner Bootcamp | SVAC Classes
Chisel’d is a strength endurance class using barbells and dumbbells. The instructor will take you through choreographed movements to the music focusing on all areas of the body. Each song dedicated to one muscle group to really feel the burn!

Available In Studio.

Danceletics | SVAC Classes

This high energy fitness class combines cardio dance, strength training, and combative movements to create the ultimate full body workout. All fitness levels can enjoy easy-to-follow choreography that keeps you moving and grooving to today’s hottest beats. Not a dancer? No problem! Just move your body and find your own flavour. Get moving with Danceletics, challenge your fitness, and build your confidence, strength, and endurance. 

Available In Studio, Online and Outdoors

Evolution | SVAC Classes

Are you ready to evolve? Have we got the class for you. With high energy and high intensity intervals, circuits, and AMRAPS each class is different, providing the variety you need to keep fitness fun and functional. We use incline treadmills, Keiser bikes, rowers, dumbbells, kettlebells, and more to ensure you get the most out of each and every workout. 

Work towards your goals and improve your overall fitness in a program that compliments all bodies. All fitness levels are welcome. Available In Studio. 

Gears | SVAC Classes

Ready to get into the grind with your muscles and cardio as you ignite your energy in our spin studio with strength and agility equipment like dumbells and penalty boxes. Be prepared for Spin, Strength, and more!

Gym 101 | SVAC Classes
Gym 101

The introductory (or re-introductory) class we all need. Whether you’re new to the club, have taken time off due to the pandemic, or are just looking for a refresher, this class will help you learn more about the equipment on the gym floor and give you the knowledge you need to crush your fitness goals. Certified Personal Trainers will guide you through the workout, providing you with any required modifications to ensure the workout is suited for you. 

All fitness levels are welcome. Available on the Gym Floor.

High Fitness | SVAC Classes
HIGH Fitness

Ready for some high fun with High Fitness? In this class you’ll get strong, simple, easy-to-follow choreography, as well as plyometric interval training moves that help sculpt you from top to bottom, all to the beat of music that you KNOW and LOVE. 

Available In Studio and Online.

High Low | SVAC Classes
High Low

All the fun and fitness of HIGH without the impact. Same great music and energy in your home from SVAC. Watch for an email one hour before class to advise if the weather is inclement and class is cancelled.

Available In Studio and Online.

HIIT 30 | SVAC Classes

In just 30 minutes you can have an intense, full-body-toning workout led by talented trainers. Interval training, with work/rest ratios based on science, will train your cardio and your strength. Get your heart pumping and your muscles sculpting with HIIT 30. 

All fitness levels are welcome. Available In Studio and Online. 

HIIT Core | SVAC Classes
HIIT and Core

This conditioning combo features high intensity interval training, coupled with core strengthening to get your heart rate up and target your muscles. Training your core is vital for supporting the health of your body as it supports your posture and improves mobility. 

Available In Studio and Online.

Lift | SVAC Classes

Sweat to the beat of your favourite music as you perform a choreographed program to challenge your fitness. Increase your strength, improve your cardio, and energize your body with LIFT.

All fitness levels are welcome. Available In Studio and Online.

Mobility Stretch and Fascia Release | SVAC Classes
Mobility Stretch and Fascia Release

You’ve worked hard, your muscles are sore and your body is tired. Join us for this low-intensity class to increase your range of motion and relieve tight muscles with foam rolling, a type of self-myofascial release (SMR). SMR is a technical term for releasing tight muscles, connective tissue (fascia), and trigger points (sensitive points on the muscles) with self-massage. Foam rollers can be provided for use, however please bring your own yoga mat from home. 

Available In Studio and Online.

Move It Low | SVAC Classes
Move it Low

This gently-paced, low-impact workout is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Follow your certified leader as they guide you through this fun-filled class with comfortable to follow exercises using body weight or light weights. 

Available In Studio and Online.

Obstacle Training | SVAC Classes
Obstacle Training

Whether you’re interested in obstacle races like Spartans, Warriors, or Tough Mudder or you’re just looking for a fun challenge, this is the functional training playground for you. Our Obstacle Specialists will help you move through the training course, using everything from grip strength to rolling. 

All fitness levels are welcome. Available In Studio.

Pilates Barre Fusion | SVAC Classes
Pilates Barre Fusion

Bring your mat and deepen your core connection, body awareness, and control as we move to the music, using ballet, pilates, and yoga inspired moves.This is a low impact (no jumping), full body toning workout with lots of modifications available. The focus is on developing long, lean muscles and working our core and booty!

Available In Studio and Online.

Pilates Mat Flow | SVAC Classes
Pilates Mat Flow

Using breath work to flow through exercises, inspired by ballet, pilates, and yoga, we will connect with our body, core, and control. Tone your entire body in this low impact class. Please bring a yoga mat from home – we do not currently loan mats. 

Available In Studio and Online.

Pilates Reformer | SVAC Classes
Pilates Reformer

The Pilates Reformer is a machine specially designed to allow the user to perform a wide variety of pilates exercises. Your certified and expert pilates leaders will guide and correct form as you make a deeper core connection with your body. Classes are small-group and there is semi-private and private training available. 

Available In Studio.

Pound | SVAC Classes

Channel your inner rockstar with this full-body cardio-jam session inspired by the infectious, energizing, and sweat-dripping fun of playing the drums. Choreography movement and having a dance party like Cardio session All Fitness levels welcome, Please bring a mat. Friday night classes are welcome to stay after class for customer appreciation beverages and small snacks!

Pound to Lift | SVAC Classes
Pound to Lift

The ultimate conditioning combo to challenge your cardio, strengthen your muscles, and, of course, rock out to some great music! The first half of the class will feature our signature Pound class, channelling your inner rockstar and the second half of the class is a muscle madness LIFT workout with an upper body focus, ensuring a well-balanced, full body workout. 

Available In Studio, Online and Outdoors.

Power Yoga | SVAC Classes
Power Yoga

Carry your body through a series of poses that will evoke your inner strength. This is the ideal  class to lose yourself in your capabilities. Please bring a yoga mat from home and any yoga props you may have. Watch for an email one hour before class to advise if the weather is inclement and class is cancelled.

Available In Studio, Online and Outdoors.

Queenax Strength | SVAC Classes

Like nothing you’ve ever done before, our state-of-the-art QueenAx suspension tools will challenge your body with a strength-based program that puts the fun into FUNctional training. Swing into a stronger you with the guidance of your certified instructor. Let’s build strength together. 

Available In Studio.

Run Club | SVAC Classes

Join Stacey and a crew to explore the trails and curbs of St. Albert. Bring water, mosquito spray, and sunscreen. Always on, unless -35! We are Canadians eh? We can run in any weather. 

ALL FITNESS LEVELS WELCOME. As this will take place outdoors, we recommend dressing in layers. Watch for an email one hour before class to advise if the weather is inclement and class is cancelled. Available Outdoors.

Sculpt 360 | SVAC Classes
Sculpt 360

Our full body, 360 workout targets all the muscles you know you have and some you maybe even didn’t know. This class will keep you lifting, reaching, and lunging from beginning to end. All fitness levels are welcome. Expect both cardio and strength training.

Available In Studio, Online and Outdoors.

Stairs | SVAC Classes

Step up your fitness with your SVAC community! We meet weekly at Griesbach Stairs (2696 Sir Arthur Currie Way, Edmonton) and sometimes switch it up on long weekends to keep your fitness fun and fresh! Start with warm ups, exercises, and stretches and then complete as many sets of stairs as you can, whether that’s 2 or 20. Please remember to bring water and check your email two hours before class as we will advise on inclement weather and potential class cancellations. 

Available Outdoors.

Stick Mobility | SVAC Classes
Stick Mobility

SVAC is proud to have Canada’s only Level 2 Stick Mobility Leader, Clare Newman. Join this guru for MOBILITY + STABILITY + STRENGTH. Stick Mobility combines joint mobilization, strength training, and deep fascial stretching to increase athletic performance, reduce the risk of injury, and speed recovery. Bring your mat.

Strength and Beats | SVAC Classes
Strength and beats

Move and groove to the beat, while working your full body. Explore your strength and endurance in a class you’ll want to take over and over, coming back stronger each time. 

Available In Studio and Online.

Strength FIIT | SVAC Classes
Strength FIIT

Join SVAC in a strength and cardio program designed for all fitness levels. Find your inner strength with Functional Intentional Interval Training (FIIT).

Available In Studio, Online and Outdoors.

Tabata | SVAC Classes

In this high-performance fitness program, you will work for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, and repeat this 8 times per muscle group. Be prepared to have some high intensity fitness fun!

Available In Studio, Online and Outdoors.

Team Training | SVAC Classes
TEAM Training

We offer group fitness formats and sport-specific training to help your team work more cohesively and excel at your sport. These workouts are customized to your team or group.

Available In Studio, Online and Outdoors.

TRX Strength | SVAC Classes
TRX Strength

In this class you can expect suspension training with the TRX to strengthen your body and lean muscle building to support mobility and flexibility. All fitness levels are welcome and modifications will be provided.

Available In Studio.

TRX Yoga | SVAC Classes
TRX Yoga

Our fitness-based take on yoga fuses the science of Suspension Training® with the amazing mind-body integration of breathwork, alignment, and dynamic balance of movement and flexibility that comes from a Power Yoga practice. It’s the ultimate way to push the limits of your abilities and discover strength from the inside out

Please bring a yoga mat from home – we do not currently loan mats. Available In Studio.

Exciting Spin Classes


Spin 30 | SVAC Classes

Let’s ride it out! You can join us outdoors on the Keiser bikes for a quick cardio session that will have your endorphins kicking in and a smile on your face. Join your dynamic certified leader for cardio training with hills, valleys, sprints, and more!

Available In Studio, Online and Outdoors.

Spin and Barre | SVAC Classes
SPIN and barre

Spin and Barre, two great workouts, rolled into one! Let's break it down. Barre is pilates and ballet inspired movement and exercise to the beat. Enjoy low-impact moves that sculpt your muscles with a focus on core and isometric training. In the studio you will use hand weights, resistance bands, bender balls, and more. Spin is cardio focused training on a bike that will have you riding to the beat, with intervals, hills, and more, led safely and effectively by your certified leader.

All fitness levels are welcome. Available In Studio, Online and Outdoors.

Spin and Core | SVAC Classes
spin and core

Ignite your metabolism and blast fat with this cardio and core focused workout. Our certified trainers will lead you through spin drills and complement that with core strengthening, keeping you balanced, strong, and supported. 

Available In Studio, Online and Outdoors.

Spin and Strength | SVAC Classes
spin and strength

Feeling stronger and leaner has never been more achievable! This class is designed specifically to strengthen muscles, improve cardio, and blast away body fat on and off the bike. Your certified leaders switch up the classes to keep them fun for you and your fitness friends. Suitable for all fitness levels.

Available In Studio, Online and Outdoors.

Spin and Stretch | SVAC Classes
spin and stretch

Raise your heart rate and relieve your muscles with 30-45 minutes spent spinning and the rest of the hour stretching, thanking your muscles for all that they do. 

Available In Studio, Online and Outdoors.

All Fitness Levels Welcome


Aerial Yoga | SVAC Classes
Aerial Yoga

Take your yoga practice off the ground in the QueenAx suspension area. Certified yogi’s with Aerial Certification will safely guide you in the Instagram worthy program to stretch, strengthen and relieve your muscles.

Please bring a yoga mat from home – we do not currently loan mats. Availability TBA.

Gentle Yoga | SVAC Classes
Gentle Yoga

Improve strength, flexibility, mobility, and balance with this gentle yoga class. In each class we explore different yoga postures and relaxation techniques to practice both on and off the mat.  No experience needed, just a willingness to try. SVAC has amazing yogi’s to ease you into all yoga programs, helping you stretch and strengthen safely, for your mind, body, and soul. All levels are welcome. Bring your yoga mat and any personal props such as a bolster, strap, or blocks. We will also have props available for use.

Available In Studio and Online.

Happy Hips Restorative Yoga | SVAC Classes
Happy Hips Restorative Yoga

Our expert yogi’s will lead your body and mind through a mobility stretch, restoring the way you move to keep you active. This class holds postures for a length of time to ensure the stretch is carried into the muscle. Please bring a yoga mat from home and any props you may have. Dress in layers. Limited access.

Available In Studio and Online.

Yoga Flow | SVAC Classes
Yoga Flow

In this Yoga Flow class, we will use our breathing as the guide and the rhythm to transition into and out of the poses of our movement practice. The focus on breathing, throughout this active class, brings you into a state of mindful-moving-meditation. This class will build focus, strength, and flexibility, and your ‘savasana’ (final rest pose) will feel well earned!

Please bring a yoga mat from home. Available In Studio and Online.

Yoga Reset | SVAC Classes
Yoga Reset

Relieve your muscles and reset your body so you can keep performing at your best. Enjoy a variety of poses that will leave you feeling revitalized. All fitness levels are welcome. Please bring your own mat and dress in layers. 

Available In Studio and Online.

Yoga Tune Up Balls | SVAC Classes
Yoga Tune up Balls

Each class is uniquely custom-tailored by our highly trained Yoga Tune Up® teachers who’ll be there to support you with a consistent “Body Tuning.” Classes are filled with relevant exercises to target body blind spots that need regular maintenance and attention. Strengthen, maintain, and thrive as you connect with your community and your best self. Fascia release with yoga, what a combination.

Available In Studio.

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The staff is very friendly and helpful. They even remember your name. The instructors are also great. I couldn’t be happier with the classes that I have taken. i.e. move it low and seniors’ yoga. The Club is very clean and bright. I love the fact that there is a lovely lounge to sit in to enjoy a complimentary tea or a coffee with a friend after your workout. I would recommend this Club to anyone thinking of joining a gym.

Arlene G.

“The only gym I’ve ever been to that provides a sense of community is SVAC. The support I’ve received from staff and fellow members over the last two years has been a huge part of my fitness journey.”

Greg S.

Pleasant staff who are so helpful. Love the variety of classes and you have marvelous instructors. Club has a really good energy and vibe.

Gail B.