club etiquette


  • Wear appropriate attire and dry, clean footwear. No bare feet or sandals.
  • Ask SVAC personnel for assistance when using an unfamiliar machine or when performing a new exercise.
  • Exercise at your own fitness level.
  • Use of collars on free weight weights is mandatory.
  • Always use a spotter when performing maximum lifts.
  • Children under 14 are prohibited from using the weight machines & free weights and must be supervised on the cardio equipment. Those under 10 are not permitted on the gym floor.
  • All members under the age of 18 must complete an Equipment Orientation.


  • Refrain from resting and socializing on all equipment and weight machines.
  • Be considerate and allow others to “work in” with you on machines between sets. If “super setting” between two pieces of equipment, it may be unrealistic to expect exclusive use of two machines at once.
  • Avoid banging weight stacks and dropping free weights on the floor.
  • Kindly return all equipment to the appropriate storage rack after use.
  • Respect other Club Members experience by monitoring your language, voice levels and personal hygiene.
  • Refrain from using perfume or heavy scents.
  • Refer incidents of inappropriate behavior or language to the Shift Supervisor.
  • Recognize all common areas are multi-use and for the enjoyment of all Members.


  • Use spray bottles and wipes provided to wipe down equipment after your use.
  • Children are encouraged to sit at a table when eating in the Members Lounge.
  • Make use of garbage bins provided and place used towels in the laundry bins.

Thank you for your cooperation!


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