How to Join LIVE SVAC Online Classes

Unlimited online classes are available for all SVAC members OR a month-to-month online-only membership can be purchased by those who are not yet SVAC members. 

To participate in virtual classes, just sign up and book your class via the Gym Master App. Here’s how:

Step 1. Log in to Gym Master on your phone, computer, or tablet (whichever device you plan to use when completing the class).

Step 2. If you haven’t already, download Zoom on this same device.

Step 3. When you book a class you will be provided with a link to the Zoom meeting room.

Step 4. Always remember to read the class descriptions and come prepared with anything you might need, such as a water bottle, weights, or your SVAC mini band. 

Step 5. Sign into the class 5 minutes before and use the livestream button for your live experience. If the leader has not yet signed in, or you are testing the system, it will not give you access and will ask for a meeting code. When it is time for the class and the leader has begun the session, you will have seamless connection to view and participate, no need for a Zoom meeting code or password.

Step 6. Leaving your camera turned on will allow the leader to see you and assist with encouragement and modifications if required. This keeps you safe and sweaty at the same time. And remember to mute your microphone so there are no distractions during the class.

Step 7. ENJOY!

How to Watch Recorded Classes

In addition to the classes you are enjoying LIVE at home, we have recorded sessions for you to take part in whenever and wherever you want! The library will grow as we record and upload classes. Access to the classes are provided on two platforms.

Platform One: Access pre-recorded classes in the “Workouts” section of your Gym Master App.

1. Log in to your Gym Master App.

2. Find and click the “Workouts” menu item in your app.

3. Select the class you want to take and scroll or slide vertically until you see the YouTube link.

4. Hit the link and enjoy the class!


Platform One: Access pre-recorded classes in the “Workouts” section of the Members Portal.


1. Head to and click the “Members Portal” button. Log in as a Member.

2. Select the blue “Training” button.

3. Select “Workouts”.

4. Hit the drop down menu under “Submit Workout Progress” and scroll to “Recorded Classes” and hit Done.

5. Select the class you want to take and click the blue “View Video” button.


Platform Two: Join our library platform outside of Gym Master with a link emailed to you upon purchase of
the SVAC ONLINE Month to Month Membership. This library will become our online recorded resource moving forward.


Other Notes: 
This is a great time to inquire about meeting with a Certified Personal Trainer to help you meet your goals by working with them or having a custom program created to help you achieve your goals. We are committed now, and always will be, to provide you with as many endless fitness opportunities as this pandemic will allow. To learn more, visit our Personal Training page.

We value health and wellness for you and for everyone.

Thank you from Team SVAC


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