The 3D Styku

The 3D Styku

Your phone is full of gym selfies, isn’t it?

We get it. Ours was, too.

We all want to track our progress, and not just with a scale or measuring tape. We want a clear picture of how our body has evolved from day one. We want to truly see the positive results of our hard work and healthy choices.

But while the scale, the measuring tape, and even the selfies can measure some kinds of progress, they don’t give you the full, detailed, visual confirmation — all in one place — that you’re on the right track.

What if we told you there was a piece of equipment that could do all of that and more within seconds?

It’s called the Styku.

It’s a scan of your full body, it’s non-invasive, it’s fast, and it gives you loads of stats.




  1. You’ll stand on a platform in form-fitting clothing like leggings, shorts, or other workout gear.
  2. The machine will rotate and scan your entire body for 30 seconds.
  3. You’ll receive detailed information about your measurements, body composition, and even your posture.
  4. You’ll book another scan to see how your body changes as you meet your fitness and nutrition goals. (We recommend three scans minimum at 3-4 month intervals for best results.)




  • Accurate body measurements using detailed landmarks on your body.
  • An analysis and precise profile of your body composition including fat mass, lean mass, and bone mass.
  • After more than one scan, see an overlay of your body from scan to scan for a 3D visualization of your progress and where your body composition has changed.




  1. We’ll go over the analysis with you and provide further insight and information on what it all means.
  2. We’ll offer advice on setting realistic goals and milestones to achieve based on your scans.
  3. We can help adjust your fitness routines after each scan to ensure you’re meeting your goals.
3D styku technology at SVAC



We can’t recommend this technology enough. It’s a highly personalized assessment, inside and out, that helps you understand exactly how your body changes based on your fitness routines and nutrition.

And seeing all of your healthy efforts reflected on an accurate 3D scan? So. Damn. Satisfying. Book your Styku scan today!




We’re pretty sure you’re going to want a scan ASAP, but just in case you’re still not sure, check out Earl’s and Brenda’s experiences:

“I am so glad I decided to try the 3D Styku measurements to benchmark where I was at when I decided to chase my goals. What the numbers told me was where I was at in my journey and where I could be for measurements, lean mass, and fat mass.

The 3D Styku also has a tool where you can put in a date you want to achieve change by, and then it sets what that would look like for calories daily and workout amounts weekly based on your current body.

Seeing that I could reach my goals and achieve results with dedication to the information I was given set my plan in motion to make my wishes become a reality. The numbers really gave me a drive to push more and get where I wanted to be.”

— Earl D


“I show up to the gym at least five days a week. I respect rest days and need direction. I was looking to achieve a result that was tangible in my fitness journey and the Styku provided this for me.

I have been an avid gym user for years, but I felt like I was doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. After I spent time on the scanner with Coreen, I was able to break down what I needed to put focus into to see my results. The focus for me went to nutrition and strength and she was able to give me a plan that worked and that I could commit to.”

— Brenda B