Meet Kylee Andresen, a dedicated group fitness and yoga instructor with a passion for integrating yoga into life and athletics,

With a background in both athletics and mindfulness practices, Kylee has seamlessly blended her love for movement and holistic well-being.

Kylee discovered the transformative power of fitness during her college years at Nait while playing competitive hockey. Intrigued by the potential to enhance athletic performance and prevent injuries, she delved into the study of yoga and strength training. Kylee understands anatomy with her time learning massage.

Having earned certifications in yoga, sports-specific training including with resistance training. Cycle/ Spin and Heart Rate Training through MyZone Technology. Kylee has developed a unique teaching approach, her classes not only cater to all fitness levels, by welcoming new and challenge athletes.

Through MyZone Heart Rate Training Program, Kylee has developed SVAC’s Zoned IN program and has a passion for smart cardiovascular and resistance training combined.

Kylee’s commitment extends beyond the studio, as she actively promotes the benefits of fitness in sports through community hockey and Academy programs. Her mission is to empower youth to adult athletes to cultivate balance, flexibility, and inner strength, contributing to their overall well-being both in daily life and in sport.