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Meet our SVAC Fit Pros, our Certified Leaders in group fitness. Find your perfect workout class!



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Meet the SVAC Fit Pros

The SVAC has always been committed to bringing you the most qualified and exceptional fitness professionals in our area to assist you in reaching your fitness goals. We have Fit Pros who teach strength training, cardio, spin and yoga. We’ve got the perfect group fitness class for you!


We develop a fun fitness relationship with you at SVAC. Our Fitness Professionals will greet you by name after your first class. Our Fit Pros will modify your workout if needed to ensure that you are working out at your top-level and getting the most out of your time. 

Be accountable and take action. Get fit with us!

Fit Pros Group Fitness | SVAC


At SVAC, we strive to support and grow the community. Our community is friendly and supportive. We welcome you in and look forward to seeing you each week. Need help getting started? Ask us and we can make recommendations based on your fitness needs. Read about our Fit Pros below and the classes they instruct. We can’t wait to get fit with you!

meet THE team


SVAC Fit Pro | Chelsea
Chelsea Von Grat

I am a Certified Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor and Nutritionist and involved in the health and fitness industry at SVAC for 12+ years. Most of this time has been dedicated to providing my clients with evidence-based education and to put up a good fight against the many misconceptions surrounding exercise and nutrition.

In 2012, I graduated from the University of Alberta with a degree in Physical Education, specializing in Sport Performance and Physical Activity. I went on to complete my Precision Nutrition Certification and currently offer online nutrition coaching.

I’m always looking to extend my skill set as a coach and has completed many other certifications including Pilates Reformer, Spin, Sports Nutrition, ED Awareness in the Fitness Industry & many more. I am currently completing my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training.

My dedication to school and sports in early life rewarded me with Female Athlete of the Year, Volleyball MVP and academic and athletic scholarships.

I currently play women’s basketball in the EBA and most recently participated in the sport of bodybuilding as a figure competitor, completed the Banff Half Marathon, 35km in Sinister 7 and countless fun runs such as Mud Hero, Spartan Race, Color Run, Run for the Cure, West Country Hearth Attack etc.

I train clients and run spring/summer bootcamps out of my home garage gym in Edmonton. I also have a subscription-based fitness app for clients looking to train from home, or follow a gym-based program, “Train with CVG” which offers my own training program, right at your fingertips.

My focus is the unique training, nutrition and mindset needs of women.

SVAC Fit Pro | Chelsea
Chelsea Soar

I love to teach yoga and to move with our wonderful members at SVAC. My love of yoga developed as I found that it is the one place I can truly clear my head, I hope to inspire others to enjoy mindfulness through movement through practice. Meet me on your mat Sunday mornings at 10 am.

200 HR YTT, CSEP-CPT and CPR-C Certified.

SVAC Fit Pro | Shareen
Shareen Baker

Music and choreography push me, let me show you how it can push you! Find a fitness path you love and you will stick with it! Get uncomfortable, that’s when you’ll see change. Find me instructing High Fitness, High Low, Pound, Strength, Barre & Spin.

AFLCA Certified Group Fitness Instructor.

SVAC Fit Pro | Tracy
Tracy Durie

I’ve played a variety of high level sports including volleyball and soccer. As a teenager, my passion for instructing fitness classes started when I joined a fitness club and fell in love with group fitness. Since then, I achieved accreditations in both AFLCA and Canfit Pro. Canfit Pro is the most current. Family is the most important aspect of my life. My husband Ian, twins Kayden and Evalina and my dog Bear, love to spend time together doing various activities. I believe all of my participants are capable of achieving their own greatness and I feel truly blessed to be able to be part of their fitness journey.

I have been in the fitness industry for over 20 years. I have a degree in Education with a Specialization on Physical Education. I am currently certified with Canfit Pro and teach Stages Spin, Sculpt and Evolution. My classes are full of energy and cater to all fitness levels.

SVAC Fit Pro | Brian
Brian Hill

One Life, One Body, One Opportunity.

IronMan Certified Coach Stages Spin, TRX, TRX Yoga and Yoga for Runners, CoreAlign, BOSU.

SVAC Fit Pro | Coreen
Coreen Rivard

I have a passion to help change people’s life’s in the simplest way possible, sharing group fitness. Here at SVAC, you will find me leading Yoga, Spin, Spin and Strength, Queenax, TRX, Evolution, Sculpt, Abs, Aerial Yoga and Mobility and Fascia Release. I can’t wait to see you in class!

SVAC Fit Pro and Personal Trainer Danielle Smith
Danielle Smith

I am the General Manager at SVAC. You’ll see me in your classes, and leading a few as Fitness is my passion. I love sweating, smiling, cheering, cueing and being with your Community. We can put ourselves off as a priority for many reasons, but the truth is, that the time is now. Now to take care of yourself. What are you waiting for?


  • General Manager SVAC
  • CPFT
  • AFLCA Cycle, Portable equipment, PrePost Natal with Resistance trainer
  • AFLCA Assistant Trainer of Trainers
  • Prenatal and Postnatal Fitness specialist
  • Obstacle course race training specialist
  • Fascia release and taping
  • Ever Active Children and Youth
  • Run Coach
  • Spartan Strong Certified
  • Barre
  • Olympic Lifting
  • Sports Conditioning
  • Fitness Kickboxing
  • Stages Cycle certified
  • Agatsu Kettlebell Level 1
  • And MORE.. Stay Hungry
SVAC Fit Pro | Kathy
Kathy Giesbrecht

AGE HAS NO BARRIER – Your fitness is more important than your age. When I started teaching group fitness classes, I was accompanied by a solo pianist at the YWCA for music. As the years passed and aerobic dance became the workout of the day, I used record albums that I lined up by the record player and changed as needed. Then came tapes, CDs and today, iTunes on my iPad. Oh my goodness; I have taught many fitness classes from Aerobic Dance, Step, Pilates, Cycle, Evolution, Stages Spin, Queenax and my next challenge…online fitness classes due to COVID restrictions.

There have been many changes, but some things never change. The enthusiasm of participants is stellar, then and today! The music remains inspirational, touches our souls and keeps us moving year after year. We have ROCKED to the music of Queen of the 80’s and DANCED to Billy Eilish of 2020! No matter how I feel, I walk into class and see the smiling faces ready to workout. I turn on the music. Magic happens. I have taught at the YWCA, City of St Albert and owned my own Aerobic Dance Studio, The Body Shop.

Today, I am deeply grateful to have a home at SVAC! The opportunities here have allowed me to move forward year after year and challenge myself. I am also SO thankful to have known so many wonderful participants that became dear friends. Many have attended my classes from the beginning, experiencing the live piano music at the YWCA, and now are experiencing the high-tech class of Stages Spin at SVAC! I am proud to say that yes, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

  • Bachelor of Recreation Administration, specializing in Physical Activity
  • AFLCA Certified
  • Stott Pilates Mat Certified
  • Balance Bodies Reformer Certified
SVAC Fit Pro | Tara
Tara Cawson

I have been an active person all my life. Cheerleading, cross country skiing, horseback riding, running, hiking…. During University in the 90’s, I first discovered Yoga and I was hooked. I loved the spiritual aspect, the breath-body connection and learning to trust my body. I continued my personal practice for over 10 years and then finally took my Yoga teacher training.

I love to teach a strong but gentle class incorporating breath and soul connection. My classes are suitable for all levels and my hope is you leave them feeling more grounded and connected to your body.

My certifications:

  • 200 hr YTT
  • Pre/Postnatal Yoga
  • Holistic Health Practitioner
  • Working towards my 300 hr YTT
  • Degree in Psychology
SVAC Fit Pro | Stacey
Stacey Rose

Fitness for me is not just something that I do but a way of life. I plan my days around my workouts not the other way around. I have been in the fitness industry for over 15 years. I have been involved in fitness activities from a very early age. I did swimming lessons, figure skating, track and field, Ultimate Frisbee and Martial Arts (Kempo Kung Fu, BJJ and Muay Thai).

For a few years I was a strength and conditioning coach and athletic trainer for both the St Albert Fury football team and for the St Albert Mustangs Track team. My knowledge of functional movement from martial arts training and Pilates helped the Fury have fewer injuries than ever before while I was working with them. I discovered Obstacle course racing about 5 years ago and found a new passion. We are capable of so much more than we believe. There is a feeling that you get when you accomplish something that you thought was impossible for you and it is indescribable.

I love that feeling and I love helping clients find that feeling as well because I get to share in it too. Spartan Race has a slogan “You’ll know at the finish line.” that is based entirely on that feeling. There is a quote from Lazarus Lake, the creator of the Barkley Marathon, that describes it pretty well. “They just sit there and you can see this, the extremes of joy that can come with sports. That you only get when failure was probable.”

  • Pilates Reformer
  • Mat through Balanced Body
  • Agatsu Kettlebell
  • FKCC Kickboxing
  • CanFitPro Personal Training
  • Fitness Instructor
  • Spartan SGX Coach
  • OCR Coach
  • Spartan Obstacle Coach
  • Diploma in Holistic Nutrition through CSNN
SVAC Fit Pro | Kylee
Kylee Andresen

Fitness has been my passion all my life starting at a young age. I grew up playing all sports but fell in love with hockey and still continue to play today. Being a Registered Massage Therapist made me realize I wanted to help people more with their goals towards a healthy lifestyle and after 12 years I decided to join the fitness industry leading classes at SVAC.

I love leading all fitness classes but Spin is my happy place, my place to encourage you through your best potential while riding to the beat of a killer playlist. Whether I’m on the spin bike or in studio expect energy, expect sweat! Join me in spin, evolution, barre and strength classes here at SVAC.

  • Group cycle, portable equipment, Aquasize and Resistance Trainer
  • Barre Above
SVAC Fit Pro | Conrad
Conrad Haswell

I am originally from the UK. I settled in St. Albert with my wife and four kids. Here at SVAC, I lead Chisel’d, Bootcamp, Abs Blast, Tabata and Spin Beats. Telling you to ‘suck it up’ or to ‘sort it out’ seems more encouraging with an English accent! Come give one of my classes a go!


  • AFLCA/Fitness Alberta Certified
  • Stages Certification
  • And MORE!
SVAC Fit Pro | Teresa
Teresa Holmes

I am committed to movement and exercise in any form. I fell in love with group fitness at a young age, when I was dragged to the classes my mother led at the local Y.M.C.A. I began my journey as a group fitness instructor at SVAC in April 2021 and look forward to sharing my love of fitness with you.


  • Agatsu Kettlebell Certification Level 1, 2021
  • HIGH Fitness, 2021
  • HIGH Low Fitness, 2021
  • AFLCA Group Fitness Leader, 2020
  • Crossfit Level 1, 2017
SVAC Fit Pro | Jordi
Jordi Cocks

My passion for health & fitness is to help all my clients become their best. I am a Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Leader. I have post secondary education, practicum experience and am always participating in continuing education. I have been a trainer for 8 years and have been coaching skating for 10 years. My training has varied from when I figure skated, to when I was in strength competitions, to FEMSPORT competition and in 2021 when I competed in the TNT Muscle Showdown and qualified for nationals by placing 1st and 3rd in my divisions, as well as the Alberta Natural Canadian Physique Alliance Show where I placed in the top 5.

SVAC Fit Pro | Natalie
Natalie Labuick

I am a certified yoga teacher RYT200 with a Rocket Ashtanga series training and fusion fitness. I began my journey with yoga over 5 years ago and am continually learning and evolving my practice. I am passionate about the power of mediation through movement and believe in a practice that is both mentally and physically beneficial. I love to connect and build relationships while always having a few laughs during class.

Fit Pro | Rae
Rae VanPatten

I have been practicing yoga on and off for the past 20 years, but dabbling in the practice just wasn’t enough to satisfy my need to know more about this beautiful practice and philosophy.  I also needed to understand why each time I stepped on the mat I was able to release so much of the tension that I had accumulated from my work day.  As a Corporate Professional I have spent over 2 decades developing and applying my knowledge in the field of workplace health, safety and wellness.  Yoga was a natural fit to my strong focus on organizational wellness, ergonomics and how a persons’ job impacts their body.  

The more I learned, the more my need for knowledge grew and I decided to start a new adventure and become a Yoga Teacher.  I am now a RYT-500 and am constantly growing my yoga and wellness knowledge.  This perpetual learning cycle benefits myself and in turn my students and pushes me towards my goal of growing a community of people who have a yoga practice that fosters grace, personal growth, strength, stability and physical, psychological and spiritual wellbeing.

  • CRSP
  • RYT-500v
SVAC Fit Pro | Jacqi
Jacqi Kirk

Bio coming soon.

SVAC Fit Pro | Amber Demers
Amber Demers

Hi! I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years. As my children have become less dependent on me, I have had the opportunity to finish my 500 hours YTT along with a certificate in Yin yoga and mindfulness and meditation. I am currently working on a more in depth Anatomy course and a children’s yoga course. I am enjoying continuing education and will continue to learn so I can be a strong leader for my students. I am thrilled to be able to show my love for yoga through teaching, I am excited to see you and show the amazing benefits that a yoga practice can do for you. Mind and body! I can’t wait to see you on your mat!

Fit Pro | Dani
Dani Parks

Before yoga and mom life I worked in a high stress accounting job. When I started practicing yoga, it was all about the workout, it was all about the sweat. It took me one class with intense breathwork to realize what that deep connection with my practice-beyond the physical capacity.

I started teaching yoga to children, and then moved teaching towards adults and yoga to sports and hockey athletes. I have my RYT 500, Certified meditation Coach, 75 Hr Rocket training, 250 hour RCYT (registered Children Yoga Training), Prenatal Postnatal certification, Aerial Training certification, Fitness Fusion training, hiit training . While some days my practice is handstand based or more physically demanding other days it’s meditation, breathwork. My practice has helped me along the way in the new transitions in my life being a single mama of SIX (including baby twins).

Fit Pro | Tyson
Tyson Green

Bio coming soon.

Fit Pro | Lukas
Lukas Lock

Luke, aka Lukas Lock, is the co-founder and executive director of 3rd Street Beat Studios: Edmonton’s leading all Hip Hop dance studio. He is also the Managing Director of the Groovebox centre which is home to many performing arts, fitness & sports companies including 3SB.

 Luke has created, choreographed and produced some of Canada’s top Hip Hop and street Dance events including the Hip Hop For Hope Benefit Series 10 years running, the Artists Emerge national dance competition, Dancers Paradise competition in Mexico & G2 Entertainment that hosts innovative and cutting edge dance workshops and performances across Canada. in 2011, Lukas co-wrote and directed the Hip Hop Saved my Life dance production that toured Mainland China for 30 days as the first Canadian hip hop company. In 2014, he performed with his 3SB crew on Carnival Cruise lines across the Mexican Riviera. He has taught workshops and performed with his crew 3SB in  in Las Vegas, Spain, China, Korea, the US and all over Canada spreading the message of Peace, love, unity and having fun

 Competitively he and the 3SB crew have won two years in a row at the Canadian National Hip hop championships in Montreal and represented Canada in HHI Las Vegas in the semi finals both years.

 Credits and Training – As a dancer, Luke has:

Opened for Boys 2 Men, Shawn Desman, Massari, Ginuwine, Chris Brown, and 112…

Trained under: Electric Boogaloos Suga Pop and Poppin Pete as well as the Originality Lockers, Madd Chadd with LXD and pioneer of animation dance, Boppin Andre. Hip Hop trained under Buddha Stretch, Link and Caleaf with Elite Force.

 Luke is now a proud instructor of the Grooves class at SVAC to bring some fun and funky fit grooves to the members on Fridays.

Fit Pro Dot Laing
Dot Laing

Dot Laing applies her 25 years of industry experience and training as a fitness leader, personal trainer, and coach to inspire people to get active and train their minds and bodies for high performance living!

Dot holds a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology and Health Behaviour and a BComm from the University of Alberta. She is also an AFLCA Trainer-Educator and an accredited Exercise Physiologist (CSEP-CEP).

A true believer in the power of the mind to move the body – you are stronger than you think – she will always challenge and inspire you to succeed in your health and fitness journey.

Dot joined the SVAC Fit Pro team in 2021 and is loving the positive energy and spirit this community has to offer!

SVAC Fit Pro | Kelsey
Kelsey Vickers

My passion is to inspire others to discover how fitness can positively impact their lives. My goal is to help people define what STRONG means to them. Expect to be pushed, encouraged and celebrated. I will be your fitness partner in crime and help you become a stronger, healthier, version of yourself.

I love a team atmosphere and I like learning from those around me. I am always happy to help and always up for an adventure. I love a good laugh, especially playing pranks, so count me in for that. See you on the gym floor!

  • Can-Fit-Pro PT
  • NASM Nutrition Coach
SVAC Fit Pro | Sandy Coull
Sandy Coull

I began my career in the Health and Wellness Industry in 2006 after being recruited by a group fitness instructor to teach spin classes. It was one of the best decisions I ever made…from that day forward I’ve been grateful for my journey as a Fitness Professional. I love sharing my passion for wellness as a Group Fitness Professional and Fascial Stretch Practitioner focusing on helping the SVAC community provide Fitness for Life, for everybody!

Special Moments:
​Cycling with a team of thirty Cancervive riders from Calgary to: Philadelphia, San Jose, Austin, Maine, and Edmonton to Calgary and Calgary to Edmonton. Raising funds and awareness for Wellspring Edmonton – a non-profit organization that provides programs and services, at no cost, to people living with and surviving beyond cancer.

​Fun Facts:
​I was voted All American Canadian Cheerleader in high school and at seven years old, I successfully sold old newspapers and dandelions to her neighbours.


  • Stretch to Win™ Fascial Stretch Practitioner
  • Lifestretch™
  • YMCA Group Fitness Specialist – Cycle, Strength and Active Older Adult
  • Rolling along the Anatomy Trains
  • Stages Flight Cycling
  • TRX Group Fitness
  • TRX Sports Medicine
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
  • Usui Holy Fire Reiki Level 2
  • Joga™ World Coach
  • Bender Barre
  • MOC Barre Method
  • Committ to Kids
  • High Five®


SVAC Fit Pro | Scott Headrick
Scott Headrick

I am a Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor and have been training clients for the past 7+ years.

I’ve been involved in sports and fitness activities all my life and have been a gym enthusiast for 30+ years.

I’m currently leading the MetCon class here at SVAC where I will challenge you on pushing your limits and getting you out of your comfort zone.

If you’ve plateaued in your progress or you’re looking for a new way to sweat and gain lean muscle mass, then come train with me!

SVAC Fit Pro | Dan Izzo
Dan Izzo

I ran my first Spartan Race in 2015, and have been hooked on running and strength training since then. I am a CSEP-certified personal trainer and a graduate of the NAIT Personal Fitness Trainer program. My personal achievements include a sub-3-hour finish in the 2019 Boston Marathon and the completion of the Sinister Triple Ultramarathon series in 2021.

My passion is helping other people find a style of training that they love, and watching them achieve their fitness goals. When I’m not in the gym or on the trails I like to relax with my two cats or hit the road with my band.

Fit Pro Clare Hood
Clare Hood

I am originally from the UK, I have been involved in fitness from a young age. I am a black belt in Shotokan karate. I was a martial arts instructor in the UK and a competitive fighter. Upon arriving in St Albert I ran a soccer program for lower income families. I was a volleyball coach at the junior high level. I currently teach boxing classes here at SVAC and you can also find me teaching group fitness classes in Evolution and Sculpt 360

  • AFLCA group fitness
  • AFLCA portable equipment
  • Kickboxing Level 1, 2 and advanced Level 3
  • Boxing Level 1, 2 and Advanced Level 3
  • Master Trainer for Kick Boxing Canada
SVAC Fit Pro | Karen McIntyre
Karen McIntyre

I love working at SVAC because the membership has embraced fitness as a lifestyle. I’m in fitness to share my passion that all movement enhances the quality of life. I love training on the Pilates reformer because it stretches and strengthens the myofascial lines of the body, which improves everyday mobility. I enjoy sharing my passion for fitness as a trainer educator and running certification courses for group fitness instructors.

  • CSEP-certified personal trainer
  • AFLCA Trainer Educator
  • AFLCA Group fitness instructor
  • Balanced Body Pilates Reformer 1,2 Mat 1
  • ACE Health Coach
  • ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist
  • ACE Pain-Free Movement Specialist
SVAC Fit Pro | Clare Newman
Clare Newman

I am a mother of three, a dream weaver and an anatomy enthusiast who has been teaching yoga for 17 years. Always a student first, my yoga classes are filled with humor, fun and functional range. If you’re looking for a movement class to help with an injury, gentle yoga infused with functional awareness or a good laugh, come and stretch with me!

SVAC Fit Pro | Caroline Botting
Caroline Botting

I’m Caroline Botting, a fitness instructor and personal trainer. I’ve been at this whole training thing for a while now (over 15 years!) and within that time I’ve trained a wide spectrum of people from athletes, to couples, to new moms, to people with injuries, and everyone in between.

My background is in athletic therapy, which if you don’t know, is a therapist who is mainly involved in sports settings. That being said, I’ve always had an interest in the jump from injury rehab to everyday life and how to maintain a healthy, happy body for the long term. Over the past few years, and since I’ve become a mom, I’ve had an even deeper interest in how to get moms back to feeling confident and strong in their bodies. I love helping to empower people to move and groove their bodies however they want with less fear and frustration.

Who am I really though? I am a woman who is married to a wonderful husband, and who has 2 kiddos. Training is my passion, but my family is my life. In my spare time, I love to garden, play baseball and flag rugby, and explore new places while hiking with my family.

Getting off the sidelines of your life and back into activities you love is what I do. I’ll bring knowledge and a plan to help get you there and keep you there for the long term of life!

SVAC Fit Pro | Fiona H
Fiona H.

I am a Fully Comprehensive Pilates Master Trainer recognized for my ability to make movement accessible to everybody. I’ve been involved with movement in one form or another all my life. Active as a participant and active as an instructor. I am trained in Silk Suspension, all equipment for Pilates, Mat, Gravity Yoga, and Ball Release Therapy.

I have my B.Education with specialties in Physical Education, and Special Education. I have taught in the education system for over 25 years teaching workshops, classes, and professional development programs. My passion for Pilates and mind body practice came when I took a serious injury. Pilates was my saving grace back to safe, purposeful movement. The ability to calm the mind, body, and spirit became a daily practice.

I am a Fully Comprehensive in Pilates Academy International (PAI) and in Balance Body University BBU. I currently master trains Silks, Mat, and all the apparatus pieces for PAI. Mindful inclusive movement has led me to dive deeper into my own practice and the desire and passion to share it with like minded souls. She currently owns a studio and teaches workshops, master trains, mentors instructors, and works with clients in studio, online, and on my YouTube Channel Mobile Fitness and Pilates Corp.

Fit Pro Brittany Uchach
Brittany Uchach

I am a passionate, energetic person who loves learning how to optimize the body. I have been in the health and fitness industry for 19 years, during these 19 years, I have taken my journey outside of the box to learn how to heal the mind and body.

I specialize in resolving chronic pain and dis-ease through somatic therapy. I work with fascia, breath, trapped emotions/trauma to start healing the mind and body and get to the root causes for body pain, weight gain, digestive issues and nervous system dysregulation.

If you have tried everything and haven’t seen the change you are looking for, this could be exactly what you have been looking for! You don’t have to suffer alone and you don’t have to heal alone.

“The Cure is… feeling good” I am here to help you and everyone around you feel good. Looking forward to sharing and holding space with each one of you!

  • NAIT Diploma (hons)
  • CSEP – CPT
  • Exercise & Wellness Specialist
Fit Pro Brittany Uchach
Naissa Preston

You will not find a more passionate fitness pro around! I’ve been learning and teaching all things health and wellness since 1997!

With my background in a B.Sc in Nutrition, NAIT PFT, Fitness Alberta Educator, Stott mat Pilates, and TRX, I bring a unique perspective to crafting efficient and effective performance and corrective exercise programs. I’ve worked with national-level figure skaters and older adults in rehabilitation, and I’ve consistently seen immediate improvements in their movement, leading to rapid results. Whether your goal is to build a more metabolically efficient body, improve your posture after having a baby, or enhance your overall athletic performance and scores, I’m here to find the solution. You’ll find me in the group fitness studios, where I tailor classes to make you feel like they were designed just for you, or in the functional training spaces, fine-tuning my clients to achieve the best joint angles for optimal power output. I can’t wait to help you solve your movement puzzles!

Fit Pro Emma

I’m Emma and I’m absolutely pumped and so grateful to share my love for yoga with you! I’ve always had a constant urge to dance and move, so yoga has allowed me to channel my energy purposefully. After truly transforming my mental, emotional, and physical state throughout years of practicing yoga, I felt called to share these amazing benefits with others.

Whether you’re looking for a sweaty energetic flow, flexibility and balance, a killer core workout, mindfulness, or just an escape from the busyness of life, I’m your girl! I’ll see you beauties in the studio! 

  • RYT200
  • Level 1 Children’s Yoga Certification 
  • BEd