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Join us on our journey to create the ultimate gym membership experience which includes access to over 70 group classes each week, state-of-the-art equipment, and cutting edge fitness tracking technologies to help you achieve and surpass your health and fitness goals.

We Took Away All Excuses – Now it’s Just Time for You To Have a High Performing Workout

At SVAC our commitment is to our community. As a community, we are constantly creating new ways to make fitness fun by hosting events and activities and celebrating the big and small victories of all members. Together we test our limits through Polar Vortex bootcamps, sweat crawls, and other exciting events.

No Hidden Fees, Contracts or Commitments – Because That’s Not Fun. 

We believe in being transparent about what we offer because we are proud to be the best.

IT’s the people.

“The only gym I’ve ever been to that provides a sense of community is SVAC. The support I’ve received from staff and fellow members over the last two years has been a huge part of my fitness journey.”  

Greg S.

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High Fitness | SVAC Classes
High Fitness

Ready for some high fun with High Fitness? In this class you’ll get strong, simple, easy-to-follow choreography, as well as plyometric interval training moves that help sculpt you from top to bottom, all to the beat of music that you KNOW and LOVE. 

Available In Studio and Online.

Obstacle Training | SVAC Classes
Obstacle Training

Whether you’re interested in obstacle races like Spartans, Warriors, or Tough Mudder or you’re just looking for a fun challenge, this is the functional training playground for you. Our Obstacle Specialists will help you move through the training course, using everything from grip strength to rolling. 

All fitness levels are welcome. Available In Studio.

Pilates Barre Fusion | SVAC Classes
Pilates BarRE Fusion

Bring your mat and deepen your core connection, body awareness, and control as we move to the music, using ballet, pilates, and yoga inspired moves.This is a low impact (no jumping), full body toning workout with lots of modifications available. The focus is on developing long, lean muscles and working our core and booty!

Available In Studio and Online.

Queenax Strength | SVAC Classes
Queenax Strength

Like nothing you’ve ever done before, our state-of-the-art QueenAx suspension tools will challenge your body with a strength-based program that puts the fun into FUNctional training. Swing into a stronger you with the guidance of your certified instructor. Let’s build strength together. 

Available In Studio.

Spin and Barre | SVAC Classes

Spin and Barre, two great workouts, rolled into one! Let’s break it down. Barre is pilates and ballet inspired movement and exercise to the beat. Enjoy low-impact moves that sculpt your muscles with a focus on core and isometric training. In the studio you will use hand weights, resistance bands, bender balls, and more. Spin is cardio focused training on a bike that will have you riding to the beat, with intervals, hills, and more, led safely and effectively by your certified leader.

All fitness levels are welcome. Available In Studio, Online and Outdoors.

TRX Yoga | SVAC Classes
TRX Yoga

Our fitness-based take on yoga fuses the science of Suspension Training® with the amazing mind-body integration of breathwork, alignment, and dynamic balance of movement and flexibility that comes from a Power Yoga practice. It’s the ultimate way to push the limits of your abilities and discover strength from the inside out

Please bring a yoga mat from home – we do not currently loan mats. Available In Studio.

Pound To Lift | SVAC Classes

Over 70 Group Classes a week included

Get motivated, work hard and see results. We offer extensive group class options with top notch instructors. All group classes are included in your Membership and all fitness levels are welcome.

Sturgeon Valley Athletic Club | Lounge

Luxury Amenities to keep you at your peak

Relax in our members lounge with complimentary Tazo tea, Marley coffee, and a big screen TV. Enjoy access to full high-speed internet. Recover after your workout in our infrared saunas and refuel with delicious and healthy food options onsite from Chopped Leaf and Bite Me. 

SVAC | Styku

Access to the latest fitness TECHNOLOGY 

Our high tech gym equipment and training programs are designed for faster and better results based on the latest research. We have the most current and exclusive technology to track your fitness progress. 


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