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It’s time to level up your fitness. 

SVAC has always been focused on gathering the most certified and exceptional personal trainers in the local area to help clients reach their fitness goals. Every one of our trainers has a unique set of strengths and skills that are able to help a wide range of unique client fitness goals.

Combine your training with our fitness technology. 

Styku 3D Body Scan: Performs a 3D Body Scan in seconds using just a simple turntable and 3D camera. In only 35 seconds, the Styku 3D Body Scan extracts millions of measurements with 2mm accuracy and reconstructs your body into 3D visuals.

SVAC personal trainers use technology like this on a daily basis to track client results and progress on a much deeper level. The best part is – all of the technology is in house and integrated into the personal training workout experience at SVAC.


“Running is just you, the work you put in, and the clock. You can’t cheat yourself. If you don’t put in the miles, you can’t go to the starting line thinking you’re going to pull a miracle out of nowhere. You get exactly what you put in.”


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SVAC Personal Trainer | Chelsea
Chelsea Von Grat

Involved in sports all my life, it was only a natural progression that I turn my passion for fitness into a career. Like most women, I felt the pressure to look a certain way and in turn, tried every fad diet and workout in an attempt to achieve my “ideal body.” Having struggled with disordered eating for over a decade, I am compassionate to the female who just wants to look and feel her best.

Changing my approach to fitness and nutrition, to a healthy and sustainable one, has truly brought me the freedom and happiness I strived for years to find.

Now I coach others to set realistic goals, be consistent with their nutrition and fitness and encourage them to love their body in the process.

If this is something that you struggle with, please let me coach you to be your best self and live YOUR best life!


  • BPE
  • PN-1
SVAC Personal Trainer | Stacey
Stacey Rose

Fitness for me is not just something that I do but a way of life. I plan my days around my workouts not the other way around. I have been involved in fitness activities from a very early age. I did swimming lessons, figure skating, track and field, Ultimate Frisbee and Martial Arts (Kempo Kung Fu, BJJ and Muay Thai).

I have been in the fitness industry for over 15 years. I started out lifeguarding and teaching aquafit classes at Fountain Park. Pool. I have several certifications, Pilates Reformer and Mat through Balanced Body, Agatsu Kettlebell, FKCC Kickboxing, CanFitPro Personal Training, Fitness Instructor, Spartan SGX Coach, OCR Coach, Spartan Obstacle Coach and a Diploma in Holistic Nutrition through CSNN are a few of my favourites. I have taught in martial arts schools, at pools, outdoors and here at SVAC.

For a few years I was a strength and conditioning coach and athletic trainer for both the St Albert Fury football team and for the St Albert Mustangs Track team. My knowledge of functional movement from martial arts training and Pilates helped the Fury have fewer injuries than ever before while I was working with them. I discovered Obstacle course racing about 5 years ago and found a new passion. We are capable of so much more than we believe. There is a feeling that you get when you accomplish something that you thought was impossible for you and it is indescribable.

I love that feeling and I love helping clients find that feeling as well because I get to share in it too. Spartan Race has a slogan “You’ll know at the finish line.” that is based entirely on that feeling. There is a quote from Lazarus Lake, the creator of the Barkley Marathon, that describes it pretty well. “They just sit there and you can see this, the extremes of joy that can come with sports. That you only get when failure was probable.”

Llew Edwards

Originally from Toronto, Llew trained from 1988 to 2002 as an Olympic-caliber athlete alongside some of the fastest track and field and bobsled athletes such as Donovan Bailey, Glenroy Gilbert, Pierre Lueders and Christina Smith. Mastering the art of body awareness and positioning as an athlete, Llew then turned to coaching, becoming a certified trainer and conditioning coach with certifications in stretching and sports science. Llew has coached both professional and amateur sport athletes, including some in the CFL, NFL, NHL and CIS. Llew trained and coached under Bruce Frankie in Arizona while using the Future Athletic System Technology (F.A.S.T.) system. F.A.S.T. is a highly complex system utilizing angles, forces and concepts in preparing an elite athlete at a higher level.

Mark Oiffer

My training and education allow me to appraise and prescribe fitness programs that are tailored to meet the needs and goals of each individual. As my Personal Training Client you will find that you respond postively with regular attendance, increased motivation and demonstrable gains in your fitness level! Contact me today and find out how I can help you to improve your motivation, consistency and effectiveness.


  • Personal Fitness Trainer NAIT
Kevin Repato
I am a certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist with a Bachelor of Kinesiology degree from the University of Alberta. When it comes to exercise, I love to incorporate functional training into my workouts because it not only improves personal fitness, but it also brings ease to average day-to-day activities. The way physical activity has improved my mental and physical health is my motivation to keep me moving!  
Kathy Giesbrecht

AGE HAS NO BARRIER- Your fitness is more important than your age.

When I started teaching group fitness classes, I was accompanied by a solo pianist at the YWCA for music. As the years passed and aerobic dance became the workout of the day, I used record albums that I lined up by the record player and changed as needed. Then came tapes, CDs and today, iTunes on my iPad. Oh my goodness; I have taught many fitness classes from Aerobic Dance, Step, Pilates, Cycle, Evolution, Stages Spin, Queenax and my next challenge…online fitness classes due to COVID restrictions.

There have been many changes, but some things never change.

The enthusiasm of participants is stellar, then and today! The music remains inspirational, touches our souls and keeps us moving year after year. We have ROCKED to the music of Queen of the 80’s and DANCED to Billy Eilish of 2020! No matter how I feel, I walk into class and see the smiling faces ready to workout. I turn on the music. Magic happens. I have taught at the YWCA, City of St Albert and owned my own Aerobic Dance Studio, The Body Shop.

Today, I am deeply grateful to have a home at SVAC! The opportunities here have allowed me to move forward year after year and challenge myself.

I am also SO thankful to have known so many wonderful participants that became dear friends. Many have attended my classes from the beginning, experiencing the live piano music at the YWCA, and now are experiencing the high-tech class of Stages Spin at SVAC! I am proud to say that yes, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

  • Bachelor of Recreation Administration, specializing in Physical Activity
  • AFLCA Certified
  • Stott Pilates Mat Certified
  • Balance Bodies Reformer Certified
Brian Hill

Brian can help you better your fitness and reach the goals that you value most. You will get the discipline, the science, the reps, sets, tempo, and more – all of which are powerful tools to improve your body composition, decrease pain, and improve energy and performance.

Regardless of your abilities or limitations, Brian’s goal is to support you on your journey to being a more well-rounded individual in all aspects of fitness to live a healthier and fuller life.

  • A Certified Ironman Coach
  • Group Fitness Instructor
  • TRX Certified Strength and Yoga
  • Yoga Certified
  • Trainer
Danielle Smith

Fitness has always been apart of my life and it took a few of life events for me to realize it is one of my superpowers to inspire others to see what they can do.

Fitness is for everybody, it’s is just a matter of finding the Right movement, Class, Fit Pro, Club, Race, Goal to ignite the fire. I began my leadership as a AFLCA Leader first with the YMCA’s and the City of Edmonton leading Strollersize a program for parents and children. Then female strength classes for Femsport. Then I progressed into bootcamps and spin classes for the Edmonton police. Next thing I know I am taking part in every obstacle course race I can training others for them and joining teams for Sinister 7 and more! All along the way picking up my Prenatal and Postnatal Fitness certification, and Obstacle Specialist certification and striving for Personal Trainer and Assistant Trainer of trainers, which I have achieved. Obstacle course race training for myself and others became a fuel for me as I qualified to compete in the world championships in 2016 and 2017 and went on to do so as an indication and team. A moment of change for my journey was also in being fortunate to train for Femsport a female strength and agility competition and then go on to coach others to victory and host the event. Gaining much knowledge and mentorship at the University of Alberta for 2 short years , in Recreation under Kinesiology I have now found my way home at SVAC. We are a gym with ans without walls. We have everything you need in a community club.

In these years past I was able to present at AFLCA Fit Rendezvous and become a mental health advocate to help people see wellness from all aspects of their lives.

All along this journey my purpose has been for active living with my husband and 2 children.

We can put ourselves off as a priority for many reasons, but the truth is, that the time is now. What are you waiting for ?

  • General Manager SVAC
  • CPFT
  • AFLCA Cycle, Portable equipment, PrePost Natal with Resistance trainer
  • AFLCA Assistant Trainer of Trainers
  • Prenatal and Postnatal Fitness specialist
  • Obstacle course race training specialist
  • Fascia release and taping
  • Ever Active Children and Youth
  • Run Coach
  • Spartan Strong Certified
  • Barre
  • Olympic Lifting
  • Sports Conditioning
  • Fitness Kickboxing
  • Stages Cycle certified
  • Agatsu Kettlebell Level 1
  • And MORE.. Stay Hungry
SVAC Personal Trainer | Jayne
Jayne Balogun

With a fitness background in the competitive sport of Bodybuilding, Jayne began her personal fitness journey in 2013. 

Her ambitious nature combined with a passion & strong desire to serve others eventually led her to pursue a career in health & fitness.

Certified as a Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor, Jayne’s natural ability to teach & educate others has encouraged clients to adapt to a new lifestyle. 

Implementing systems & good habits has been her approach to long term health. 

It is Jayne’s desire to impact the lives of others in ways that goes beyond physical results by ultimately redefining the word “transformation” one client at a time.

SVAC Personal Trainer | Jordi
Jordi Cocks
Jordi grew up trying different sports as a kid and found a love of Figure Skating at a young age. As she progressed through the skating world & began coaching she realized her passion for teaching others. She continued to work in the community in various sport related jobs and decided to begin her certification in Group Fitness. She is a Certified Personal Trainer with the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology (CSEP). Jordi has been training clients for 7 years and loves working on client-centered programs for people to reach their individual goals. Her business focus for 3D Fitness Training & Coaching is that training and coaching is multi dimensional. Jordi’s programs will keep you progressively challenged & motivated. She will keep you accountable and give you the tools you need to be successful in reaching your goals.

NCCP & Skate Canada Regional Certified (Level 1), Provincial Coach In-Training (Level 2), National Coach Level 3 In Training.

Jordi currently works as a Figure Skating Coach, a School Program Coach, & a Power Skating Coach for Minor Hockey. She has been coaching for 10 years.

Jordi is certified as a Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology Personal Trainer and has been training for 7 years. She is a National Academy of Sports Medicine Youth Exercise Specialist. She has studied sports performance, corrective exercise, nutrition, mental training, biomechanics, Group Fitness and TRX suspension training.

She has done off-ice training for 5-7 years for Figure Skaters as well as Hockey Players.

Each year Jordi is continually taking courses, she recently did the Zoom Into Everything Skating Seminar with Meagan Duhamel, where they covered everything from fitness to stability, to mental training, to sports nutrition, to eccentrics, to flexibility.

SVAC Personal Trainer | Coreen
Coreen Rivard
I have a desire to succeed at helping people achieve a better quality of life through health and fitness. We are all so capable – we just need to find our own unique way. Our thought patterns often determine who we are and what we can achieve. We have to change our thoughts to allow us the freedom to accept our own greatness. Reprogramming our thoughts and training our bodies at the same time is a sure solution to success.

The best part of my job is to see how fitness changes peoples lives. They feel better, have more confidence and more energy. I think it is safe to say that when people get their daily dose of exercise induced endorphins that they are happier overall.

Health and wellness has been a long time passion for me. I started my journey many years ago and love continuing to grow and learn through many courses and conferences so that I am best able to offer the latest and best advice and support to my clients. My official Personal Training education comes from NAIT and I am certified through AFLCA for personal training and group fitness and hold my 300hr Blissology Yoga teacher training Certificate.

Nutrition and lifestyle fit hand in hand with fitness and is also an area where I offer coaching and support. I hold a certification in Nutrition and Weight loss through Can Fit Pro and have my Food Addiction Counselling Certificate from INFACT International School for Food Addiction Counseling and Treatment through the European Certification Board.

Being able to have a positive impact on the lives of the people that I work with is amazing. Watching people grow stronger, more confident and achieve their goals is awesome. Watching lives change has definitely made it a rewarding career and going to work out is something that I still get excited about every day.

SVAC Personal Trainer | Leanna
Leanna Tew
Leanna is a CSEP-CPT who has graduated from the NAIT Personal Fitness Trainer Program. Living a healthy lifestyle is important to Leanna as it ultimately releases endorphins, increases her energy and improves her mood. She finds great happiness in helping others reach their fitness goals and feel empowered as well. When it comes to training, Leanna loves to create programs that incorporate a lot of functional movements to ensure her clients are moving with ease in their day-to-day life. Leanna is passionate about continuously growing and expanding her knowledge base in the fitness and health industry.
SVAC Personal Trainer | Kelsey
Kelsey Vickers

My passion is to inspire others to discover how fitness can positively impact their lives. My goal is to help people define what STRONG means to them. Expect to be pushed, encouraged and celebrated. I will be your fitness partner in crime and help you become a stronger, healthier, version of yourself.

I love a team atmosphere and I like learning from those around me. I am always happy to help and always up for an adventure. I love a good laugh, especially playing pranks, so count me in for that. See you on the gym floor!

  • Can-Fit-Pro PT
  • NASM Nutrition Coach
SVAC equipment st albert club

all the equipment you need to reach your goals

Hammer Strength equipment, deadlifting racks, squat racks, bench, free weights, cardio equipment, monkey bars, isolation machines – the list goes on. This wide range of equipment allows you to train and grow in a balanced and healthy way.  

SVAC Personal Training Free Consultation

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Our personal trainers will sit down with you in a free consultation and discuss exactly what your goals are and create a fun and effective plan for how to get you there. Schedule a one to one fitness consultation with SVAC today!

SVAC Fitness Technology Body Scan

track & measure your progress with the latest fitness TECHNOLOGy

All of our personal trainers utilize the latest technology that the fitness industry has to offer to help clients reach their goals at SVAC St. Albert. Get in depth before, after and progress scans to make sure you are staying on track.