club etiquette

Please follow our SVAC’s club etiquette. We thank you for your cooperation.


  • Wear appropriate attire and dry, clean footwear. Bare or stocking feet are at the member’s risk.
  • Ask SVAC personnel for assistance when using an unfamiliar machine or when performing a new exercise. Always use machines and equipment with proper intent.
  • Exercise at your own fitness level. 
  • Always use a spotter when performing maximum lifts. 
  • Always be aware of the floor, equipment, people, and space around you. 
  • Please report faulty or damaged equipment to front desk staff immediately.
  • Weight plates are not to be dropped unless on the Olympic lifting platforms. Metal weight plates are not to be used on these platforms.
  • Youth members under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult.


  • Refrain from resting and socializing on equipment and weight machines. 
  • Be mindful of monopolizing unique pieces of equipment for extended periods of time. 
  • Be considerate and allow others to “work in” with you on machines between sets.
  • Avoid banging weight stacks and dropping free weights on the floor. 
  • Kindly return all equipment to the appropriate storage rack after use. 
  • Respect other Club Members’ experience by monitoring your language, voice levels and personal hygiene. Refrain from using perfume or heavy scents.
  • Refer incidents of inappropriate behavior or language to the front desk staff.
  • When taking photos or videos be mindful of who is in the frame


    • Please respect and adhere to the locker room cleaning times that are posted. 
    • Do not leave food or wet towels in lockers. No food on Gym Floor or in Studios.
    • Use spray bottles and wipes provided to wipe down equipment before and after your use. 
    • Please place all used wipes, paper towels, cans or bottles into the appropriate bins provided.
    • Have fun, work hard, meet new people, and enjoy the SVAC community.