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Track your fitness goals and success with the Myzone Fitness Tracker, SVAC’s top choice of wearable fitness technology. SVAC is all about inclusive fitness fun, and Myzone does just that!



The Myzone Fitness Tracker is an inclusive wearable fitness technology that tracks your progress and rewards your efforts for all physical activity using accurate heart rate tracking and real-time feedback. SVAC is happy to offer a variety of Myzone monitors that can fit across your chest, forearm or wrist. Stop by the front desk at your next workout to purchase.


Unlike other popular fitness trackers, the Myzone tracks your effort making it the perfect fitness technology for all fitness levels, because effort looks different for everyone. By tracking effort through the Myzone Effort Points (MEPs) all users are on the same playing field whether you are a seasoned athlete or just starting your fitness journey. Throughout SVAC, you’ll see TVs that display your and fellow members’ Myzone stats with color-coded ‘zones’ as you sweat it out on the gym floor or in a fitness class.

Different heart rate zones: The Myzone technology uses colour coded heart rate zones to categorize how hard your heart is working and earn you MEPs. Different heart rate zones earn you different amounts of points. The harder you work the more points and for every minute spent in a zone, you’ll earn MEPs!

Check out the different zones:


Light Grey Zone

is under 50% of Max Heart Rate, where you get 0 MEPs per minute


Grey Zone

is between 50-59% and will earn you 1 MEP per minute


Blue Zone

is 60-69% for 2 MEPs per minute


Green Zone

It’s go time! At 70-79% you’ll get 3 MEPs per minute


Yellow Zone

is more of a challenge at 80-89% with 4 MEPs earned per minute


Red Zone

tops out at 90-100%, also for 4 MEPs per minute

Track it all in the Myzone app: Stay on top of your fitness game with the Myzone app! The app allows you to track your MEPs, workout history, real-time heart rate, and calories burned. Plus, it’s a hub to connect with other awesome SVAC members, sharing progress and wins! Stay motivated and build your fitness community by linking up with friends, family, and fellow gym-goers right within the app. 

The app can help keep you accountable by setting up personal targets, earning different Myzone statuses (from iron to hall of fame – a bit of friendly competition always spices things up!), tackle challenges, and capture your workout moments with the camera feature. It’s like having a fitness buddy in your pocket!

Learn more about SVAC’s different fitness technology

MyZone Fitness Tracker App


    For the month of December, we’ve challenged our SVAC Myzone users to reach 1800 MEPs by the end of the month! Crush this goal by taking 3-5 fitness classes a week. Higher intensity classes like spin, boxing and tabata will earn you more points. By reaching 1800 MEPs you will be entered to win a $250.00 SVAC gift card to use at SVAC as a reward for all your effort in the last month of 2023. The winner will be announced in the New Year. Follow SVAC on instagram @svacclub to stay up to date on challenge winners and other announcements.

    MyZone Fitness Tracker
    ZONED IN Fitness Class
    MyZone Fitness Tracker


      Say hello to ‘The Zone,’ our brand-new studio tailored for Evolution classes and our new class addition, ZONED In. This space was designed with the Myzone fitness tracker in mind to elevate your workout experience and introduce you to innovative fitness routines. In this new studio you’ll find incline treadmills, rowers, TRX equipment, various weights and benches, making it the perfect spot for a full body workout. Check out the new studio at your next workout, located behind the new gym turf.

      ZONED In Class: The newest class addition is powered by our state-of-the-art Myzone heart rate monitoring technology. This heart-pumping class blends cardio endurance, power, and strength training using top-notch equipment like incline trainers, rowers, free weights, TRX, and more. This class incorporates the Myzone technology for data-driven workouts, it’s perfect for heart rate training and achieving real results. Join us today to experience a class designed for all fitness levels!

      New 'The Zone' Fitness Studio

      “Myzone encourages me to continue being physically active throughout the week. I set my own goal for MEPs for each month. Every time I meet my MEP goal, I move up the ranks. It makes me feel motivated to keep going to the gym.”

      – CK.


      Purchase your Myzone Fitness Tracker at SVAC today! For the month of December 2023, both current members and new members get 25% off the purchase of a MyZone Fitness Tracker.