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In the world of fitness, finding a workout that not only challenges you but also excites and motivates you can be a game-changer for your physical and mental well-being. That’s where Dan Izzo steps in with his innovative HIIT & Run Fitness Class and specialized run training programs. If you’re lacing up your running shoes for the first time, a seasoned marathoner looking to smash your personal best, or somewhere in between, Dan is sure to help you elevate your running game and maximize your fitness results.



Dan Izzo, an SVAC Fit Pro and Personal Trainer offers run training that caters to all levels of experience. From beginners to advanced runners, Dan has a proven history of delivering incredible results by tailoring training plans that will meet your goals and needs.

You can either receive a one-time run assessment and gait analysis or a full running program. Dan’s run train program is comprehensive, and will focus on more than just putting distance underneath your feet. Dan uses a variety of techniques to improve endurance, speed, and running efficiency. He will also provide personalized feedback and adjustments to help reduce the risk of injury and improve your performance.

There are many benefits of engaging in a structured run training program. Beyond the obvious physical health improvements like enhanced cardiovascular health and weight management, runners often experience boosts in mental health, including reduced stress and increased endorphin levels. Dan’s program also features a sense of community and accountability, making the journey towards your running goals that much more enjoyable.


In addition to traditional run training, Dan is instructing a new SVAC fitness class: HIIT & Run, a unique blend of high-intensity interval training and running. This class is designed to boost cardiovascular fitness, increase speed, and build strength, all while keeping the workouts fresh, dynamic and fun! The HIIT components target the muscles that enhance running, while the other segments are tailored to improve endurance and pace.

SVAC | HIIT & Run Fitness Class


    Setting clear, achievable running goals is a cornerstone of Dan’s training philosophy. If you’re aiming to complete your first 5K, achieve a half-marathon personal record, or simply incorporate running into your fitness routine, defining these goals provides direction and motivation. Dan works closely with each runner to establish realistic, challenging goals and devises a strategic plan to achieve them.


      To bring together runners of all levels and foster a supportive running community, SVAC is proud to announce the return of the SVAC Run Club! This club is open to all, regardless of running proficiency. Join the SVAC crew to explore the trails and curbs of St. Albert. Dress in layers, pack your sunscreen and water, and let’s get running! Follow along on social media to get updates on our first run club meetup.

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