SVAC Gym Turf

We’re thrilled to share the exciting news that SVAC’s newly unveiled turf area on the gym floor is now open for action! Thanks to our recent renovations, our gym floor has received a significant expansion, now featuring a versatile turf, an indoor track, and a dedicated CrossFit area. These enhancements are designed to take your fitness experience to the next level.



Working out on turf offers a myriad of benefits for dedicated athletes and fitness enthusiasts or if you are just starting your fitness journey. The turf is an ideal surface for members to develop your endurance, agility, strength, power and coordination. The extra padding of turf surface is not only gentler on joints but also serves as a protective cushion, reducing the risk of injuries during high-impact activities. Additionally, the padding of the turf  helps in maintaining stability during precise movements, such as pivots and foot planting for lifts, while providing a comfortable surface for stretching and flexibility exercises.



Here are 5 effective ways you can use the new SVAC Turf at your next workout:

  • Ambulatory movements
  • Lunge, Squat and Plyometrics
  • Balance, Stability and Proprioception
  • Sled push, pull and drag
  • Simulation footing for sports training


Ambulatory Movements

Ambulatory movements refer to movements that involve walking or moving from one place to another on foot. Ambulatory movements are inherent from the start of our lives and serve as a valuable way to promote mobility and train all planes of motion within our bodies. These movements are typically associated with the ability to move independently, maintaining an upright posture, and taking steps. Ambulatory movements are an essential part of human mobility and are critical for everyday activities. They include activities like walking, running, and other forms of bipedal locomotion.

Lunge, Squat and Plyometrics

Lunge, Squat, and Plyometrics – Oh my! 🦁🐯🐻

Much like the big cats of the jungle, we humans have these fundamental movements ingrained in our bodies. The exciting part is, here at SVAC, we provide you with a friendly and innovative space to explore these foundational movements on a new surface. These are the same exercises you’re accustomed to in the gym, but this change in terrain can transform how your body perceives and adapts to these exercises.

It’s an incredible opportunity to enhance your mind-body connection. Begin with bodyweight variations, then challenge yourself by incorporating weighted exercises. The possibilities are endless, and the results are transformative!

Balance, Stability and Proprioception

Balance, Stability, and Proprioception: Use Them or Lose Them.

While we dedicate time to elevate our heart rate through cardiovascular training and strengthen our muscles with bodyweight and resistance exercises in Muscle Strength Conditioning, it’s equally crucial to incorporate Mobility training.

Our turf area provides the perfect platform for your body to delve into these aspects. From seated to standing, and even lying positions, you have the space to challenge and enhance your body’s range of motion. It’s the missing piece in your fitness puzzle

Sled push, Pull and Drag

Sled Push, Pull, and Drag – Time to Spice Things Up! Looking to inject a new level of challenge and variety into your regular workout routine? Well, here it is! No matter what you’re working on, adding these sled movements to your floor plan will leave your muscles happily sore (DOMS – Delayed onset muscle soreness)!

Whether you use it as an intense workout finisher or a full-body movement to supercharge your speed and engage your entire physique, sled exercises offer a dynamic twist. The beauty of this movement is its adaptability to all fitness levels – start with just the sled and gradually increase weight, speed, and sets as you progress. Plus, it’s not just for the gym; it’s a functional activity that can be applied to everyday tasks like stroller pushing or moving furniture

Sports training

Our versatile turf area is your playground, offering the ideal space to hone the specific skills and movements relevant to the sport close to your heart. Whether you’re just beginning or a seasoned pro. 

Work with an SVAC personal trainer to learn more about incorporating the turf into your fitness journey

90 foot track
Gym Turf
Gym Track


Turf drills are a great addition to your workout routine. They often involve a combination of movements, such as sprints, shuffles, lateral movements, jumps, and more, to challenge different aspects of fitness. Check out these fun turf drills and give them a try at your next workout:

Glute Focus

For Mobility

Sled Exercises


At SVAC, we have always been dedicated to providing top-notch equipment and unmatched fitness professionals for sports-specific training tailored to athletes from a diverse range of sports. 

SVAC welcomes all levels and genres of teams to utilize our facility as an opportunity to enhance team connection and performance. Train together, in one convenient location.

Speak with our SVAC front desk to reserve the turf, track, studio space or gym floor. To learn more about our team training opportunities, contact our team today.