The SVAC Fitness Classes Waitlist Works

Discover the secrets of navigating fitness class waitlists like a pro, ensuring you never miss out on your favourite SVAC fitness classes!



Picture this: You go to sign up for your favourite SVAC fitness class and you see the dreaded: WAITLIST. Not to fear, the waitlist works wonders! More often than not, you’ll secure a spot in that class. Life happens and other members will drop a class, allowing you to move up the list and into the class. Embrace the power of the waitlist — we always encourage our members to hop on board! 

Once you’re on the waitlist, be prepared to join the class! Anecdotally, members have said that 4/5 times that they’re waitlisted for a class, they’ll move all the way up off the waitlist and into the class! Be sure to check your position in the waitlist by checking the SVAC app. The SVAC front desk team may contact you if there is a last minute spot available in your waitlisted class.

We prioritize providing enough space for you to give your all in every workout, ensuring a fun fitness environment you’ll love!


Stay on top of your schedule with the SVAC App. Easily view all your upcoming workouts and classes, and receive instant updates on your bookings and waitlisted classes under the “My Booking” section of the app. Download now and keep your fitness journey at your fingertips! 


For new members, our SVAC team is committed to providing a personalized and concierge-style service. We understand that trying out various classes is crucial to finding what suits you best. Our dedicated team will work closely with you to ensure you have the opportunity to experience the classes that align with your fitness goals and preferences. At SVAC, we’re here to make your fitness journey seamless and enjoyable from the very beginning. Welcome to a community that prioritizes your fitness needs!

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    Mark your calendars! The SVAC monthly class schedule is released every third Tuesday of the month. Don’t miss out—set your reminder, grab your calendars, and strategically plan your workouts for the month. Are you eyeing any new classes or sticking to your tried-and-true favourites? Planning ahead ensures you secure spots in all your preferred classes and maybe discover some exciting new ones!

    Plus, there are a variety of benefits to planning your workouts ahead of time: 

    Priority Access: Get the best seat in the house! By planning ahead, you snag a spot in your favourite classes, ensuring you don’t miss out on popular sessions.

    Consistency: Be the fitness superhero you were born to be! Knowing when and where you’ll work out makes it a breeze to stay true to your workout goals.

    Time Management: Become the master of your schedule! Planning allows you to dedicate specific time slots for exercise, making it easier to manage your daily schedule and prioritize your health.

    Diverse Workouts: Spice things up! Planning in advance lets you mix and match workouts, creating a dynamic routine that keeps every muscle and mood happy.

    Motivation: Seeing your planned workouts on the calendar is like a personal pep talk, keeping you laser-focused on your goals and ready to conquer anything.

    Reduced Stress: Knowing what to expect from your workouts reduces stress. It eliminates the uncertainty of when and how you’ll fit in exercise, for a more relaxed and organized approach to fitness.

    Goal Achievement: Ready, set, goal! Planning aligns your workouts with your fitness priorities, whether it’s building strength, boosting flexibility, shedding a few pounds, or just being an all-around wellness warrior.


      At SVAC, our fitness class lineup is ever-expanding to bring you the absolute BEST! Keep your eye out for these new classes coming your way and them to your “Must Try” class list:

      💪 2 New Turf Classes

      🩰 New Barre Class

      🧘‍♀️ Mat Pilates

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