Fit+Fierce Registration Now Open 2023-2024

Ladies, are you ready to unleash your inner power and become your strongest selves? Say hello to FIT+ FIERCE – the acclaimed program that’s taking the world by storm! Created exclusively for girls, this program is not only fun and interactive but also fosters empowerment and personal development in both mind and body. With FIT+ FIERCE, get ready to discover the perfect way to unlock your full potential!

Fun+Fierce for grade 3 – This is an introduction to the Fit+Fierce program and focuses on similar topics done through games, crafts and discussions.
Fit+Fierce for grades 4-12 (grouped according to age/grade)

Fun+Fierce (grade 3 in person) – $399 + GST = $418.95

Fit+Fierce (grades 4-12 in person) – $459 + GST = $481.95