Reformer Workshop

Reformer, Rebounder & Reiki Workshop

Heart-pumping, joint friendly cardio meets muscle strengthening and core stability with this match made in heaven = Rebounder + Reformer. Discover the benefits of increased lymphatic flow and detoxification, along with improved coordination and balance, in this workout segment with Chelsea.

After the more active portion, we will come into ease, incorporating some soft, restorative yoga postures. Jackie will lead us into our energy aware guided meditation and space to receive Usui Reiki Energy Healing. Some benefits of Reiki include stress relief, enhanced mood, pain relief, improved sleep, and greater sense of wellbeing. Reiki is a perfect complement to movement for additional physical and energetic release.

The Details:

  • Date : June 8th,  Saturday
  • Time : 90 min 3:30 – 4:15pm
  • Reformer Pilates room and Elevate Studio
  • Cost to member $60.00 plus GST


What to bring: Yoga mat, Pilates socks, optional blanket / layers of clothing

Please contact SVAC for more information or register 780-460-9999.