Stick Mobility Training

Stick Mobility Training – Mobility Tools

Join Fit Pro Clare Newman for Stick Mobility Training. This 8 hour training will provide fitness leaders, teachers and educators mobility tools using the Stick Mobility system to incorporate into their classes or during one-on-one sessions specific to the needs of their clients and students.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding Fascia – What is fascia? Why is it important? How does it help us move?
  • Finding optimal range of movement – What is ‘range’? How to apply it to movement? Common injuries and modifications.
  • Stability versus Flexibility – The difference between when one needs more stabilizing movement vrs stretching. Benefits of both
  • Biotensegrity of the pelvis and shoulders
  • Tension under load – Biomechanics of fascia, tendons, ligaments and how to avoid injury.
  • Functional Movement – How to move more functionally within one’s own structure.
  • Stick Mobility Movement – Using the sticks – how to find joint mobilization, how to strength train and how to actively stretch using stick mobility techniques.


  • $189.00 a person
  • Feb 24
  • 8:00am – 4:00pm
  • at SVAC

Please contact SVAC for more information or register 780-460-9999.